Easy and Effective Real Estate Lead Management


Lead Consolidation & Response Software for Real Estate!

Fivestreet® automatically collects and responds to all your online real estate leads. The system attaches financial, property and search information to leads then pipes them into your CRM, all without any data entry on your part.

Speed is everything in the competitive world of online real estate leads. 
FiveStreet® waits for the lead to arrive, and then jumps into action for you.

Consolidate your leads

From over 150 online lead vendors. Fivestreet helps you manage all you marketing in one platform.

Get an instant notification

As soon as you get a lead, or the lead is claimed by someone on your team

Reply to leads in < 1 minute

Reply with a customized, automatic email and/or text reply to the prospective buyer.

See your lead's Realtor.com® search history

Any lead that comes through the connections platform, see the area and price range of interest before your call!

See Social Profile Information

See jobs, locations, and interests as you build a connection! Start a conversation based on a post, or just keep current with changes in a lead’s status.

Track Your Progress

With interactive charts showing received and referred leads, you can review your lead history or configure Fivestreet® to automatically send leads to a CRM like Top Producer®.

See Fivestreet® in Action!

What our customers are saying

We help real estate agents get the most out of their marketing

"I felt overwhelmed by online leads because they arrived at inconvenient times and demanded instant attention. FiveStreet helped me regain control."

"The other day I received three leads while I was meeting with a client. Because I use FiveStreet, the leads were automatically sent to my team. When my meeting concluded, the leads had already been handled. Without FiveStreet, those leads would have gone unanswered for hours."

"Before FiveStreet, my team hated online leads, so response times were slow. Now, my agents dive for the phone when a lead arrives."

Find out how FiveStreet® can work for you 

Fivestreet® gives you the information and tools to improve speed to lead, personalize
your lead response, and connect with more people!


Find out how Fivestreet software
can work for you!

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