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Why choose Top Producer CRM 


All-in-One Business Management

Maximize productivity with centralized business management tools including powerful third-party integrations.


Smart Follow-up Technology

Increase lead conversion and generate more referral & repeat business with automated, personalized follow-up.


Cutting-Edge Lead Gen & Automation 

Grow your database with affordable online lead generation and AI-powered engagement technology.

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Grow Your Real Estate Business

with cutting-edge, simple & reliable solutions



All-in-One Business Management


Streamline Your Business

All-inclusive CRM integrated with 100+ lead providers, popular third-party applications and industry leading two-way sync with your contacts & calendar.


MLS-Powered Insights

With direct MLS integration, you can import listings with just a click, get 15x the listing data and send market reports with hard-to-find sold data.


Simplify Your Day-to-Day

Create and track client transactions from a central, seamless interface. Build dynamic workflows that update as dates change.

Smart Follow-Up


Automated Content

Convert more leads and keep clients engaged with automated and relevant follow-up sent on your behalf.


Market Reports

Stay top-of-mind and impress your prospects and clients with automated MLS-powered market reports.


Follow-Up Coach

Maximize the ROI from your database and remove the guesswork from follow-up with a daily list of who to contact and when.​


Cutting-Edge Lead Generation


Grow Your Database

Get a steady stream of leads from multi-channel advertising campaigns built & optimized by an advertising team of experts.


Automated Outreach

Grow and diversify your pipeline by reaching potential buyers & sellers with automated marketing.


Stay Top of Mind

Expand and showcase your brand consistently to your local market.

Reviews from Agents & Teams


Top Producer® has made it possible for me to take vacations.

Ben Kono
Team Lead, My Smart Team

“It tells me who to call on a specific day to remain in touch”

“I love the follow-up coach as well as the activity calendar. I am an experienced user and would not know what to do without it, it tells me who to call on a specific day to remain in touch with my prospects and past clients.”

Tammy H.
Real Estate Agent

“Best CRM for Real Estate Ever!”

“Top Producer® is a complete CRM with so many features that Realtors need! From contact management and lead conversion, to transaction management - this is the sole reason I have been successful as an individual agent.”



Julianne L.
Team Leader




I can do 70 deals a year without an assistant.

“Getting started with Top Producer® was the best thing that ever happened to me. Just having all my business information in one platform has caused me to work very efficiently and results in more production. Everything I need is right there.” 

Michael P.
Real Estate Agent